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12 May 2012 @ 12:15 am
We’re having a party: on Twitter!  
Our Random Acts co-founder (and self-styled Overlord) Misha has been through a lot this season on Supernatural. Cas has changed his wardrobe and taken to watching the apis mellifera, and we’ve heard that Misha’s pants have not been safe from on-set tomfoolery. To celebrate the finale with appropriate furor, we’re going to play some games, give out some swag, and prepare ourselves for the last episode before hellatus.

The details:

When is it? Friday, May 18th, at 7:30pm EDT. The plan is to wrap up by the time Supernatural airs at 9pm EDT, though those who want to continue to chat while watching the show are welcome.

How do I participate? Every tweet during the party will contain the hashtag #GetRandom. Using the hashtag is key: it is how we will receive tweets from those participating, so if you’ve got something to say, use the tag! To see what everyone else is saying, just track the tag on Twitter, and make sure your stream is refreshing.

To make this simple, it is recommended that you use a Twitter application such as Tweetchat (tweetchat.com). Tweetchat will allow you to type #GetRandom into the Search field, and then looks just like a chatroom. Tweetchat will also add the hashtag automatically to the end of your tweets for you, saving you a step.

Did you say ‘swag?’ We will have three prizes up for grabs: a beautiful piece of art made by one of the children of the ACFFC in Jacmel, Haiti; a leather H2H journal; and a “pony star” Random Acts tote bag.

Pro tip: If you want a prize, be prepared answer a barrage of trivia questions: don’t know what a Grünkohlfahrt is? It might be time to learn.
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